Rai-Tillieres, 100 years of know-how
Rouleaux égoutteurs Velin

Plain Dandy Rolls

  • Improve the quality and surface of the paper
  • Allowing the reduction of the starch consumption by compression and shearing the fibers
  • Avoiding the paper breaking
Rouleaux marqueurs

Marking Rolls (Laid Dandy Rolls)

  • Watermark Roll
  • Embossed Roll
  • VPRT Roll
  • Plate Laid Dandy Roll (VPCE and twined warps)
Filtres et Tamis

Other Rolls

  • Mold cylinders
  • Wading Rolls
  • Trommels and stainless steel filters

Dandy Rolls

Since more than 100 years, Rai-Tillieres designs and manufacture dandy rolls and marking rolls for the paper industry worldwide. Rai-Tillières is known as one of the leading suppliers of the international groups of the paper industry. Certified ISO 9001 since 2008, Rai-Tillières focuses consistently on improving its products and services. Its extensive range meets both customers and industry requirements.

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